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Special machine construction from Neumünster

As part of the 2K group of companies with over 170 employees at locations in Germany and Slovakia, 2K Maschinenbau GmbH is at your side as a competent partner in the field of automation solutions and special machine construction.

Fair, caring, uniform and competent.

We build our work on this foundation and work every day not only to meet your high standards, but to exceed them.

Automation solutions

Keep your production up and running so that you can survive the competition

The technology of the production plants is advancing faster and faster. In order to remain competitive, modern companies have to keep up with the ever shorter intervals between technological advances.

But you don’t always have to invest in a new machine straight away.

In many cases it is the control technology that is advancing at breakneck speed, while the mechanics are still state-of-the-art. It is therefore always worth considering whether it is not enough to invest in new control technology for the existing system. As a rule, comparable results can be achieved in this way with considerably less effort.

Reduce your costs through automated workpiece transport

When planning production systems, the main focus is often placed on the manufacturing processes, while the workpiece transport is neglected. In practice it quickly becomes apparent that the cycle time suffers due to manual transport and that the unit costs are higher than planned.

This can be remedied with simply designed and inexpensive loading and unloading systems or interlinking systems. Automated workpiece transport also minimizes damage and enables the integration of measuring stations. In addition, machine downtimes due to incorrectly inserted workpieces are avoided.

Automation technology gives you the opportunity to cover order peaks in multiple shifts without having to change your workforce.

Our design department works with the most modern three-dimensional CAD systems. We use it to develop the optimal solution for your production automation. Thanks to the realistic representation of the 3D construction, you can immediately see the functionality and advantages of automation.

Your advantages:

• Increase in productivity without new investment
• Increase in workpiece quality
• Increase in cycle times


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