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Who are we? Armbruster Engineering is an owner-managed company that is characterized by innovative products, constant customer loyalty and continuous developments. For our customers we realize national and international worker assistance systems for production optimization up to complex, industrial manufacturing plants. From incoming orders to shipping with digital worker guidance – interactive, error-free and traceable. We draw on many years of experience from many successful projects in various industries. Through agile, innovative action, we succeed in always being one step ahead of the broad market.

Before founding the company, Norbert Armbruster worked for a long time in the research, development and production of assembly automation. Due to the need of many customers for controlled, manual assembly, the idea arose to offer their own worker assistance system with their own company. This led to the development of a modular system for ” Elektronischen L inien – Anbindung of Montagelinien – the later ELAM system .



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