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TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK is a supplier of presses, systems as well as components for sheet metal joining and assembly technology. Since its foundation in 1978, the family owned company has become a global player with more than 1400 employees worldwide, 550 of which at the headquarters in Weingarten, Germany. The success story started with one pneumohydraulic drive – the TOX®-Powerpackage. The “Components” division now includes pneumohydraulic and electromechanical drives as well as controls, sensors and software for process monitoring and quality assurance. In addition to a large range of presses, the system range comprises manual, machine and robot tongs. Another mainstay are modern sheet metal joining procedures, also incorporating the TOX®-Clinching Technology, which makes the company today’s market leader.
TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK is represented worldwide: 18 subsidiaries, amongst others in the USA and South America, Europe and South Africa, India, China and the entire Pacific Region. 20 representatives in many other markets support and advise local customers.

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