Custom-designed enclosures – from the idea to series manufacture!
Bopla Gehäuse Systeme GmbH

Custom-designed enclosures – from the idea to series manufacture!

We manufacture enclosures according to your individual specifications and choice of manufacturing process!



The right manufacturing process

When selecting the right manufacturing process, the type and use of the enclosures, and also the series run, play important roles. The plastic injection moulding system provides a great deal of design freedom. The use of different surfaces can create eye-catching designs such as a polished logo. Diecast enclosures are ideal for use in harsh environments – the robustness of the material ensures that they stand out, and the material itself also creates an especially high-class impression for the user.

Profile enclosures are used when good heat dissipation and variability of length are required. Individual enclosure sizes can be created simply by cutting the profiles to the required length. There is also a solution when smaller quantities are required. Individual enclosures can be produced using stamping and bending technology – quickly, efficiently, and often without any investment costs. A wide range of materials is available, from aluminium to stainless steel. In addition, almost every surface design is possible.


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