Decisive technology for outdoor use


✔ Readable in sunlight
✔ Capacitive multi-touch touch screen with liquid bonding
✔ Chromium-based HTML5 browser pre-installed
✔ No lag when scrolling, full performance for movies and 3D views
✔ Operating temperature -30°C to +70°C
✔ Protection of the circuit board by coating
✔ Modules for system expansion possible
✔ extensive certifications

Liquid Bonding – the process is very complex, but worth it for industrial panels in outdoor use. Normally there is a gap of 0.5 mm between the cover glass and the PCAP touch module. This is usually not a problem, but in the worst case, strong weather-related fluctuations outdoors can lead to condensation forming in precisely this space. This means that the HMI can no longer be used.
In the liquid bonding process, a liquid silicone layer is introduced between the cover glass and the PCAP touch module, and excess material is then removed again using a vacuum process. The cavity is now filled, the device is also more stable and there is no risk of condensation.
The KN-C.Wizard G models also score with higher backlighting. 600 instead of the usual 500 candelas make it easier for the user to operate the HMI even on sunny days.