Insider tip for robot manufacturers


The Uhing brand has so far been very well represented in the wire and winding industry. There are no limits to the possible uses of the drive nuts and rolling ring drives. The drive nuts can be used in robot technology to move the arms or all sensors. The rolling rings generate the movement at their respective angle to the shaft surface. The drive nut converts this rotary movement of the shaft into a lifting movement and can, like a spindle, travel back and forth precisely. A drive nut has a number of advantages over the spindle: The drive nut continues to run without any problems if it hits the stop while a spindle needs to be replaced. Drive nuts can generate lifting forces of up to 2,000 N and pitches of up to 30 mm per revolution, depending on size. The gradient difference is only a maximum of 2% between the two directions of movement. Since the drive nuts have high shearing forces, they can also move heavy plates.