LINURA.edge RGB has a signal effect
Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG

LINURA.edge RGB has a signal effect

Always have an eye on processes with an elegant LED signal light by Waldmann



The new LED linear luminaire LINURA.edge by Waldmann combines strong light with an extremely compact shape. As a versatile IP54 li a wide range of machine applications, its optimum price makes it an absolute winner. ghting solution for performance ratio LINURA.edge provides a powerful, homogeneous, neutral white light for the best visibility. Thanks to the highly compact electronics, its slender 25 mm diameter ensures it will fit perfectly even in the most confined spaces. It is available in ten lengths ranging from 195 to 1455 mm to provide the right lighting solution for the most diverse applications. The special design of the lumin aires means they are perfectly suited to each application, and can also be daisychained together. With a body made of aluminium, lens made of PMMA, side parts made of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and a specially developed sealing concept of IP54 fibrefor the lens and side parts, LINURA.edge is impervious to high ambient temperatures, liquids and dust. Installing LINURA.edge is quick and easy thanks to the universal luminaire brackets and clip system plus M12 plug connectors. Existing mounting holes f rom earlier models can be used. The flexible brackets, which have an adjustment range of +/60 degrees and also fit standard aluminium system and switch cabinet profiles, are included in the delivery. Thanks to the use of the latest LED technology with a n output of 170 lumen per watt, 1 plus a clouded lens for the optimum light distribution and efficiency, LINURA.edge has an excellent costefficiency ratio. Smaller, or fewer, luminaires are required to provide the same amount of light as earlier models did. This clearly saves costs. A digital input provides powerless switching. From this summer, the accessories will include a switch for manual operation or a laserbased remote sensor with M12 plug connectors for automatic switching. LINURA.edge will also b e available with an Advanced Package for gradual dimming at the same time.


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