METZ CONNECT MMT471 series – space saving applications


In order to do justice to the different manufacturing processes on the market, they are also available in different dosage forms. As a pure circuit board insert that only becomes a connector with the housing of the application, or as a kit and completely assembled. The entire family is THR solderable in order to meet the highest demands here as well.

In terms of standards, these connectors correspond to the DIN EN 61076-2-109 standard and can transmit data rates of up to 10 Gbit. This is achieved using length-compensated contacts.

In addition, the family is completely provided with a shield plate, which reduces or eliminates any RF-technical influence on components on the circuit board. This, too, can guarantee a trouble-free data flow and data quality.

Despite all the complexity that the component has internally, the design is very compact and requires an extremely small footprint.

Application example of the PCB socket at the company EKF from Hamm

With the introduction of the X-coded M12 connectors, METZ CONNECT was ahead of its time. At that time, D-coded versions and data rates of 100Mbit were largely still the state of the art in the industry.

In the years that followed, this changed rapidly – an X-coding of the M12 connectors and a speed of 10Gbit have become indispensable in the area of “Industrial Ethernet”.

The advantage of the angled PCB socket of the MMT471 series is that due to its low overall height, applications can also be installed in the tightest of spaces, thus saving a lot of space.

All these properties convinced the customer to design the product 4 times with a high packing density in this slot.