NEW – MGB2 Modular EtherCAT P with FSoE


If there is one area where applications are becoming ever-more complex, it’s safety engineering. EUCHNER has not only kept up with this trend with its Multifunctional Gate Box (MGB) safety door system, but has gone a step further by employing modular design to make the MGB2 Modular fully customizable for maximum optimization. The modular system features a separate locking module, bus module and submodules, making it suitable for implementing a wide range of additional functions.
In addition, the brand new MBM bus module is available in a version that connects to EtherCAT P, which means that every single function of the Multifunctional Gate Box 2 (MGB2 Modular) safety door system can also be used with EtherCAT P.
Following on from its market firsts in PROFINET and EtherNet/IP connection, this is another success for EUCHNER, reasserting the company’s claim as a pioneer of innovative bus systems.
In this latest system, comprehensive diagnostic functions in the form of EtherCAT messages and the integrated web server provide a fast and detailed overview of the device status. Due to the ease with which parameters can be set, even replacing the system during servicing is a simple matter and takes no more than a few minutes.
Features at a glance:
– EtherCAT P with FSoE
– Gateway for up to 4 MGB2 Modular locking modules or MCM extension modules
– Up to 36 safe elements
– Maximum safety, category 4/PL e, SIL3