P-KUBE Smart safety handle


P-KUBE Smart safety handle

The new P-KUBE Smart safety handle integrates an RFID TAG that can be detected by the sensors of the ST family as if it were a normal actuator. The RFID TAG is contained in an orientable block inside the handle, which can be rotated in three directions, so that it can always be correctly oriented toward the ST sensor. This makes the handle suitable for any installation; it can be used on hinged or sliding doors that open to the right or to the left and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

The latest addition to the P-KUBE series features the same grip with its front band, available in satin chrome or backlit white finishes, as well as the option of integrating a control button to interact with the machinery.

The RGB LED technology featured by the backlit grip allows local signalling of the guard status using different colours and fully customisable sequences that are visible from a great distance, even in bright environments.

For applications on light or compact guards, it is possible to opt for the version with fixing directly on the grip, by screwing on the two threaded inserts. On the other hand, for heavier guards, the handle can be fixed by means of an internal, painted steel auxiliary plate whose 5-mm thickness guarantees ruggedness and high durability.

The cable for electrical connections exits at the back of the device and can therefore be easily housed inside the guard chassis so as to make it completely invisible. This feature has a double advantage: contributing to the aesthetics of the machine and ensuring that the cable is protected from damage and tampering. The P-KUBE Smart handle is available with PVC cable connections or with cable and integrated M12 connector.

The new P-KUBE Smart is also available in versions without RFID tags, so that it can be used as a simple handle for opening the guard, regardless of the type of safety switch with which the door is locked.