Product innovation “SHARK” in action for the first time!


In food production and especially in dairy products, it is essential to maintain hygiene standards from processing to packaging and storage, while still working efficiently. One of the largest Northern German dairy companies therefore also used a product changeover to further optimize processes of the palletizing and conveying system. The central challenge here is to handle the products gently while maintaining a dynamic and high process speed in the final packaging and accuracy in positioning. For this task, a newly developed layer palletizer was used for the first time at the Deutsche Milchkontor in Nordhackstedt: The so-called “SHARK” from SMB International uses proven palletizing technology, which was, however, technically and economically optimized. The advantages are not only space saving and gentle handling of the products – thanks to a smaller footprint and the non-contact turning unit – but also with a setting pattern generator, a fully automatic layer pattern generation as well as full networking including remote maintenance, the “SHARK” is well prepared for the challenges of Industry 4.0. In addition, the layer palletizer is modularly expandable and can thus be used flexibly even in the event of any modifications.





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