RFID safety sensors with magnetic holding ST H series


Pizzato Elettrica presents the new ST H series RFID sensors, equipped with all the technical and operating features already available in the ST G series, including:
– M12 plastic or stainless steel connector;
– Multicolour signalling LED, visible from both sides of the housing;
– Multitag programming;
– Versions for wide temperature ranges from -35°C to +85°C.

The ST H series safety sensors can be configured with a permanent magnet incorporated inside the housing, able to generate a holding force between sensor and actuator. This way, the guard can be kept closed even where there are vibrations, after a recoil during closing, or in areas where air turbulence tends to open the lighter guards.
The magnetic holding force can be selected among three different magnitudes, in order to adapt to any usage situation.
The symmetry of the housing allows the same sensor to be used on both left and right doors; by simply rotating the sensor onto itself.
The 78 mm mounting hole spacing facilitates the replacement of the traditional SR B magnetic sensors with an advanced RFID safety sensor.


– All the already existing technology from the ST G series of sensors;
– User configurable magnetic holding force of the actuator;
– The symmetrical housing makes it easy to mount;
– Same mounting hole spacing (78 mm) as for SR B series devices;
– Compatible with all ST series actuators;
– The protection degrees IP67 and IP69K allow the use in the toughest conditions.