Safety handles P-KUBE Krome series
Pizzato Elettrica S.r.l.

Safety handles P-KUBE Krome series

Sturdiness and design in the same product



Pizzato Elettrica is revolutionising the concept of safety handles, with the market launch of the new P-KUBE Krome series.
These products combine the characteristics of a robust handle for safety enclosures, with an ergonomic, rounded grip and built-in, customisable control button, with various illuminated signalling options. These indicate the state of the guard, or other operating conditions that can be visualised externally to the guard.
Key features:
• Compatible with NG and NS series safety locking switches with RFID technology.
• Internal, 5 mm thick steel fixing plate, to ensure locking system robustness, and increased service life.
• Handle front customisable in satin chrome and illuminated white finishes.
• Illuminated control button, built into handle, with call, open, reset, and other functions.
• Modern and ergonomic design with fully concealed fixing screws and cabling.
• Tamper prevention, from interlocking protection caps inserted to fixing screw holes.
• High anti bypass coding level, thanks to RFID technology actuators.
• Requires no adaptation for use on hinged or sliding doors, left or right; same individual product code.
• Compatible with lock out devices for NG and NS series safety locking switches with RFID technology.
• Lighting with integrated RGB LEDs, for local signalling of guard state.
• High signalling visibility, even from a considerable distance, and in brightly-lit environments.
• Ability to light up a single handle in green, yellow, red, blue, white, purple, and pale blue.
The new P-KUBE safety handles are a built-in and innovative solution for machine manufacturers who, with a single product and wiring harness, can optimise the cost of components, by eliminating peripheral control boxes and illuminated signalling columns, and implementing aesthetically pleasing and exclusive guards – without compromising on the quality and reliability offered by Pizzato products.


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