Single Pair Ethernet and the SPE Industrial Partner Network


The good news is that the further development of Ethernet transmission technology and PoE power supply with currently up to 90 W also creates new applications with Ethernet interfaces.

In addition, there is a growing need for uniform, lean transmission technology, both in terms of the transmission protocol and the hardware, connectors and cabling. Ideally, right down to the field level to the sensors and actuators.

This should be possible with Single Pair Ethernet (SPE).

With the start in the automotive industry, the technology begins to find its way into industry and, in the long term, into buildings. The SPE topic has been known for some time and since the SPS 2019 trade fair at the latest, it has made itself felt in all media.

As an innovative manufacturer for high quality in the field of contact technology and connecting elements in the market segments of industrial electronics, data and communication technology as well as in building technology, we at METZ CONNECT also deal with single pair Ethernet technology. Be it in devices, control cabinets, systems or infrastructure, both in industry and in buildings.

Based on market knowledge, we assume that the first SPE applications will develop in industry.

METZ CONNECT begins the first step with premium membership in the Single Pair Ethernet Industrial Partner Network. We are one of more than 30 strong partners to support the IEC 63171-6 connectors.

We look forward to actively working in the SPE Industrial Partner Network. In Single Pair Ethernet we see a groundbreaking technology for the development of further Ethernet-capable end devices, sensors and actuators, be it at the field level in industry or in smart buildings.