Intera software platform


Intera was developed to operate Sawyer.
To this day, the Intera 5 software platform is the most innovative operating system in collaborative robotics.
Many vendors call their robots easy to use, but the Intera software platform has a graphical user interface that lets users train the robot, even if they have never written a line of code or programmed a robot before. Using the industry-leading train-by-demonstration capabilities of Intera, anyone can interact directly with the robot’s arm to easily train new tasks.
Intera features a powerful user interface that lets users access robot tasks and fine-tune the details of the task from their laptop. Tasks quickly can be created, modified, and monitored while getting advanced capabilities to control the robot. Intera also provides critical production metrics and can identify production anomalies before they become problems. Key Performance Indicators, such as cycle times and part counts, are accessible in real-time. The same configurable data is also visible to other team members.