NH strip-type fuse-switch-disconnectors


NH strip-type fuse-switch-disconnectors are three-pole fuse-switch-disconnectors in vertical version. They combine three single-pole fuse-switches longitudinally arranged in one unit. Each of the feeder terminals is directly connected to one phase of a 3-pole busbar system. The outgoing terminals are equipped with terminals for cable conductors.

NH strip-type fuse-switch-disconnectors conform to the requirements of public utilities and industrial companies for power distribution boards in networks, transformer substations, cable distribution cabinets as well as main distribution boards. NH strip-type fuse-switch-disconnectors having built-in current-transformers which are essential devices for efficient energy management. With built-in fuse monitoring function they ensure short reaction time even in decentralized power distribution systems.

Product advantages
JEAN MÜLLER NH strip-type fuse-switch-disconnectors are available in sizes 00 to 3 for both, single pole and three-pole switching operation. Product types with built-in current-transformers, feeder strips up to 2000A rated current, and a wide range of specially designed products enable efficient and reliable power distribution. The available product range comprises the following sizes and current ratings respectively:
Size 00/160A, size 1/250A, size 2/400A, size 3/630A,
size 3/910A, twinned size 3/1250A and size 4a/1250A.
Strip-type switch-disconnector, equipped with solid links, are available in size 3/1000A and twinned size 3/2000A.

Product versions/Accessories
The products prepared for current-transformers can be equipped with specifically designed current-transformers inserted in the base insulator. Current-transformers are available for primary currents ranging from 50A up to 1000A. Sizes 00-3 may be combined with electronic fuse monitoring modules ES00.
Various accessories like piggyback adapters, covers or connectors complete the product range.

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