The deburring system for your requirements
thorough • fast • economical

The deburring of workpieces is gaining in importance. In recent years, the efficiency of the chip-producing process has increased significantly. At the same time, however, the same method is often used for deburring as it was decades ago. The deburring operation in particular places high demands on quality and process reliability in order to be able to manufacture cost-effectively and with high quality in today’s highly organized production structures and increasingly complex workpieces. Here the PINFLOW process is particularly suitable as an innovative alternative to other processes.

The PINFLOW principle :

The workpieces that are to be deburred are clamped in a part-specific fixture that is located on the worktop in the machining area of ​​the machine. The worktop, together with the device and the workpieces, are set in horizontal vibrations by vibrators. The device designed as a container is filled with the deburring medium. The vibrations generate a relative movement between the workpiece and the deburring medium.

The deburring medium usually consists of small steel balls that not only work the workpiece on the outside during the processing process, but also penetrate the part and cause the deburring effect there even in hard-to-reach places.