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Safety and health standards at all about automation

Our commitment: Your safety

The Safest Place To Meet stands above the protection concept of all about automation. With this certified concept, our trade fairs are controlled and safe for visitors, exhibitors and employees. It is equally important to us that everyone involved feels comfortable under the new conditions and achieves their trade fair goals.

The concept includes access control, according to 2G or 3G depending on the date and location of the fair, measures for the density of people, compliance with the minimum distance, mandatory wearing of masks if specified, high hygiene standards and the tracking of contacts.

We will adapt the concept to the then applicable requirements of the authorities and the then current framework conditions by the time of the trade fair.

Our commitment: your safety

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Currently there are no restrictions for trade fairs and events.

This means that the following restrictions do not apply to your visit to the event:

  • General masking requirement
  • Restrictions on access to events
  • Obligation to test before entering the premises
  • Capacity restrictions for events
  • Strict distance and hygiene regulations
  • Restrictions on stand construction or seating
  • Restrictions on catering

The focus of the basic protection measures is on each person’s own responsibility not to expose themselves or others to any unreasonable risk of infection. We recommend avoiding crowded situations and – depending on the situation – wearing a medical mask. If quarantine rules apply to you, you are obliged to refrain from attending the trade fair. We generally implement high hygiene standards with regard to ventilation and cleaning and provide hand disinfectants.

As a visitor, please pay attention to the following


Register in advance!

Be sure to register in advance for your visit to the trade fair. We have defined a maximum number of visitors per day in order to reliably equalize the trade fair.

2G Icon

2G-proof to get access

We assume a 2G access regulation for the all about automation in Hamburg. In this case, access would only be granted to fully vaccinated or recovered persons with appropriate proof.

We will inform you about changes as soon as possible.


While moving through the exhibition, please wear a mask! (almost everywhere…)

When visiting the exhibition, it is compulsory to wear a mask covering your mouth and nose. The exceptions to this are the outdoor areas and the marked seating areas.

3_keep distance

Plenty of space and room for everyone: please keep to the minimum distance!

We are putting in place spacious additional areas and corridors, marked pathways, distance markings, information signs and much more. Wherever possible, please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m to other participants. If it gets too crowded on the stands, please use the additional seats at the networking tables for your one-to-one conversations.


Contactless info: Use the Smart Badge!

Visitors will receive an intelligent visitor badge on admission to the exhibition which will enable visitors and exhibitors to exchange contact data and information digitally via TOUCH & COLLECT. Exhibitors will receive a  smart badge reader during the set-up.


Please use hand sanitiser and follow hygiene standards at all times!

Wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly and frequently. Hand sanitising stands are located all over the venue.

Stick to the hygiene rules: give a smile instead of a handshake, sneeze and cough into your elbow.


Enjoy the taste of free snacks and drinks.

A corresponding catering concept will be implemented on the basis of the official requirements.


For everyone’s safety, please install the Corona Warning App!

We recommend using the Corona Warning App of the German government. You can find information about the app and download it here.

Negatives test result & test center

It can be assumed that the regulations stipulate that only fully vaccinated and recovered persons or persons with a current rapid test have access to the exhibition grounds. We will work out a concept for each exhibition on how rapid tests can be carried out easily and promptly for exhibitors and visitors. (Status: 27.05.2021)


Vitally important: please stay at home in the following cases:

You will not be allowed to attend the exhibition if one of the following applies:

  • You have had contact with anyone who has had Covid-19 in the 14 days before the fair begins.
  • You suffer from acute, unspecific general symptoms and respiratory symptoms of any severity.
  • Quarantine rules apply to you.

Hygiene safety concept

We are in close contact with the Hamburg-Schnelsen exhibition hall and the responsible authorities of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg regarding all protective and hygiene measures. The concept is based on the hygiene and infection standards of the CoronaSchVO for Hamburg, which are issued for trade fairs.

The concept includes measures for crowd control, compliance with minimum distances, high hygiene standards and the tracking of contacts.

If necessary, we will adapt the concept in line with the changing requirements of the national and regional authorities and any general conditions which emerge before the exhibition date.

We have prepared three documents to ensure that all those involved in the exhibition are fully informed.

Hygiene safety concept
Visitor Guide
Exhibitor Guide

This guide summarises all important information for visitors.

Especially for exhibitors we have prepared a guide with all important information. In this guide, exhibitors will find the points they need to consider in their trade fair preparation with regard to Covid-19 and which the stand personnel on site must observe and implement.

It goes without saying that we are in close contact with the fairground and the responsible authorities regarding all hygiene safety measures.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. By e-mail to or phone +49 711 217267 23.

Thank you for your trust!
Your all about automation team